Product & Market Development

“Product, Price, Place, and Promotion”

“Marketing mix elements necessary to serve the needs of the product’s customers while generating optimum income and minimizing risk”

AME has the knowledge and experience to bring your new product and/or prospective line to market from conception to inception.

AME has a proven history in assessing, designing, locating, coordinating, implementing, and overseeing organizational, operational, and product life-cycle development in a fast-paced team-oriented environment. AME accomplishes this by interfacing inventors, management, R&D, engineering, manufacturing, vendors-suppliers, marketing, sales representatives, distributors, buyers and operations necessary to impact market application, introduction, penetration, and share.

AME will hand-walk you through the entire process of creating a new product, developing a product line, and successfully launching it into the marketplace.

AME will guide you in-part or in-whole throughout your proprietary creation, design, engineering, packaging, manufacturing, and promotion for target market application, presentation and sales as necessary to launch, and/or grow your profit center(s), market share or brand.

AME has a particular expertise in establishing and building a network of exclusive professional sales and distribution channels that are driven to expanding both your profit centers and your customers’.

AME will establish and build a network of exclusive distributors committed to launching your new product and/or prospective line.

AME sales and distribution channel representatives have a vested interest in knowing their customers and communities and are in the best position to understand and respond to their local retail needs, which builds customer loyalty and sales.

AME will assess, design, and deliver a “partners-in-profit” marketing campaign focused on your new and/or existing target market sales channels including; Chain/Franchise Offices; C-Store Chain; C-Store Independent; Drug Store Chain; Drug Store Independent; Petroleum Marketer; Supermarket Chain; Supermarket Independent; Supermarket/Mass Merchandiser; Big Box; and B2B customer markets.

AME has represented numerous prospective and established industry-wide entities on a local, regional, national, and global basis by assessing, designing, and delivering new and existing product life-cycle development services for market application, penetration, and share. 

AME builds companies, brands, and market opportunities.