National Sales & Distribution Channels

“Process and procedures necessary to sell and distribute goods from production to consumer”

AME has a particular expertise in assessing, designing, and delivering sales and distribution channel networks that are essential to grow our clients’ prospective or established businesses.

AME achieves our clients’ goals ranging from the start-up aspirations of entrepreneurs to the market dominance strategies of fortune 500 level executives.

AME provides the essential capabilities and specialized services necessary to launch product deep into both new and existing sales channels within each respective clients’ target market.

AME assesses, designs, and delivers product sales channel campaigns, launches and builds brands, creates new accounts and writes sales orders to meet the goals of each of our client’s mandates.

AME will create, launch and direct the marketing and sales campaign, including positioning our client at full potential within industry associations, to deepen the sales channels through time-honored and value-tested relationships both nationally and internationally.

AME actively manages direct buyers, distributors, and retailers by integrating specific sales activity valuations that maximize profit and achieve the client’s business goals.

AME has a proven “Partners-in-Profit” program for new or established brands that facilitates advancing into multiple sales channels throughout the marketplace  –  From small shops and regional chains, to the largest national and international conglomerates – AME specializes in identifying, coordinating, and managing product category buyers, sales representatives, and distributors. 

AME builds companies, brands, and market opportunities.