International Marketing & Sales

“Globally expanding business by integrating quality products and production capability into international distribution channels”

Exporting Products

“Made in USA” is synonymous with “quality” in the eyes of the world.

AME has successfully assisted numerous companies in developing, launching and/or expanding the sales of their products into foreign market sales channels on virtually every continent into nearly two dozen countries.

AME recognizes that in this world of global trade it is possible to double one’s business volume by simply selling internationally.

Exporting Process

AME is able to effectively minimize your learning curve by providing extensive experience-based active solutions.

Because the learning curve is minimized, AME will save you time, money, and achieve results.

AME utilizes its existing network of qualified buying channels and/or source and select specific contacts for volume sales opportunities.

AME can present to or qualify potential contacts for product acceptance. If your company’s products are not rapidly accepted, it is determined early in the process, with minimal expense.

AME is highly skilled at developing a holistic export strategy and a combined tactical action plan that melds with your company’s domestic operation.

AME will also develop the packaging and requisite marketing campaign for foreign markets.

AME’s team has proven itself as a successful international agent and negotiation team.

AME can provide quality office locations in most major cities worldwide, as necessary. 

AME builds companies, brands, and market opportunities.