Business Development

“A systematic organizational process associated with substantial attention to detail with the objective of maximizing opportunities and minimizing risks”

AME will design a systematic and objective campaign through the creation of an organizational philosophy, methodology, and human resources plan.

AME will assess, design, and deliver the written materials necessary to derive maximum exposure for your business while maintaining the utmost moral fiber and business ethics.

AME assists your organizational effectiveness and problem solving capabilities in dealing with change.

In order to augment the skill set of the founders and the requirements of the business, AME offers interim professional management and counsel to improve operational performance.

The successful completion of these measures ensures maximum consideration, at the appropriate levels, and in the proper light. 

AME builds companies, brands, and market opportunities.


Business Plans

“Profits are maximized when there are well-defined plans…Operational implementation requires carefully defined objectives, specific strategies, measuring points, and timetables.”

This multi-functional document is essential to establishing the business goals and objectives, against which actual accomplishments are measured.

A business plan provides investors, banks, suppliers, buyers, partners and potential hires clear and concise information to make objective and intelligent decisions in working with a company.

Private investors, banks, commercial lenders, and venture capital entities typically require business plans from entrepreneurs seeking funding.

Although a business plan cannot guarantee business success, obtaining capital, or exceeding the goals established; an inferior researched, content-sensitive, and poorly formatted plan does in-fact guarantee failure.

AME will assess, design, and deliver the business plan necessary to derive maximum exposure for our clients’ business. 

AME builds companies, brands, and market opportunities.