Capital Funding

“Money provided by investors, commercial lenders, or venture capital companies to startup firms and small or established businesses with perceived long-term growth potential”

Initial capital or “seed capital” is necessary to start a business and therefore considered a high-risk investment that can reap major rewards if the company becomes a growth enterprise.

It is normal, customary, and ordinary for initial funding to come from the company founders’ personal assets or from friends and family in exchange for an equity stake in the enterprise, which represents a meaningful and tangible financial commitment on their part to forming business success; and the first requirement to acquiring capital funding should the need arise.

Such a venture is generally at a pre-revenue stage and seed capital is required for research & development, to cover initial operating expenses until a product or service materializes in the defined market, and is generating revenue.

Banks and venture capital investors view seed capital as an “at risk” investment and frequently choose to wait until a business is a little more mature before making the investment that typifies early stage financing or venture capital funding.

AME provides financial-packaging services to new and established businesses.

If you are a new or established business entity looking to expand:

  • AME provides the insight into the financial packaging requirements necessary for capital procurement and business funding.
  • AME has access to various sources and options enabling the procurement of additional funding to help grow an existing enterprise or help jump-start a new one to ensure your venture’s success.
  • AME has the ability to preview, prepare, and hand-submit a complete package of information to primary, public, or other funding sources.
  • AME will hand-walk you through the process of maximizing opportunity while minimizing risk in gaining the proper funding necessary to ensure your venture’s success.

AME offers the services necessary to satisfy the essential elements required for capital funding.

By engaging AME, you will have over 39 years of experience working to assure that the financial package required by various capital sources meets or exceeds the business desires of private investors, commercial lenders, or venture capital companies. 

AME builds companies, brands, and market opportunities.