Process Consulting

“Shaping Solutions”

“A series of procedures to meet new or established business goals and objectives necessary to shape solutions and impact results”

AME has been an active consulting firm for 39 years with expertise at assessing, designing, and delivering solutions in the specialized fields of business development, product development, marketing, and sales channel development.

The success of our nation was built on the attainment of one’s dreams; however, many dreamers fail because they invest their life savings into questionable projects without considering the idea of bringing in a competent business consultant to analyze, evaluate, or assist in the execution of their business development plans.

The entrepreneurial startup is but one example where AME has generated success where alone the client most likely would have failed. Even so, established client needs for AME are far ranging…

One often called upon need is AME’s assistance in problem solving, where the client needs an objective alternative source to offer insight regarding vital business decisions; and chooses to engage a highly respected, skilled, independent business development specialist, as a sounding board.

Additionally, at the boardroom level, successful companies often seek assistance in strategic planning and in the active execution of those plans throughout the process of product development, marketing, and sales.

AME has succeeded in these efforts and much more…

AME’s core competencies include determining market availability, acceptance, potential, and positioning of the idea(s), product(s), or service(s).

AME provides process consulting through its recommendations, methods, and cost estimates while hand walking the client throughout the process.

AME will schedule a no-cost-to-you appointment at your convenience and objectively assess your business, product, service, or idea.

AME builds companies, products, and brands for market introduction, penetration, and share.

AME shapes solutions, and impacts results.